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Theater director and artist


I am a theater director and artist.
I can come up with a plot for a theatrical production or performance and write a play based on it. I can wright a play, based on a book, for the production.
Most of all, I like to combine the professions of a theater director and an artist in one project – this way I can most fully present my vision of the material, and the customer saves time and budget funds.
I am engaged in directing festive events of various scales, I can organize a turnkey event.
I have been doing street theater productions for 7 years, I run the SoLu street theater.
I am also a practicing actress and performer.



Russian Institute of Performing Arts
2002-2007 - Specialty "Production Designer"
2012-2017 - Specialty "Stage direction"

Special Skills:

  • Painting

  • Sculpture

  • Production of theatrical and exhibition puppets from wood and papier-mâché

  • Making masks

  •  Walking on stilts

  • Directing the Carnival Procession

  • Organization of a street party, festival

  • Technology of material design of the performance

  • Foreign language skills: English - fluent

Акварель кисти 5


SoLu Theater, performances: "Cardboard", "Carnival of the Sun and Moon", "Weekend on Mars", Invasion of Raccoons"

Theater Lecidei, play "Friends"

Show extravaganza "Illusion"

Акварель кисти 5


Performance "I'm afraid of love" Lensoviet Theater